Amanda Duke


Whilst I am drawn to glorious landscape vistas of the South Downs, I can also be captivated by the scars on a road caused by multiple repairs; a farm building in a field catching my attention at twilight when its colour is exaggerated by the setting sun, or, if on a midsummer’s day the heat is overwhelming I will want to remember that feeling. These daily experiences wake my curiosity driving me to respond, following my instinct, to record them.

I colour and treat cloth and paper surfaces with dyes, pigments, and paints before cutting, tearing, arranging into collages, assemblages, installations. Drawing is fundamental to everything I do, and you will discover it running through the work in thread or graphic media fixing the image, adding an edge, depth, or a detail. Recently I have been exploring natural dyes, pigment, and paints to use what is easily available and around me.

Email: nznaqntqhxr@tznvy.pbz 
Instagram: @amandadukeartist 
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