Janet Atherton


I was initially drawn to working with textiles as a means of expressing my ideas, and by the tactile nature of the medium. I tend to work intuitively, with work evolving in the making. Initial stages are spent in thought, research and mindmapping then proceed to trials, which are as important as the finished piece. Inspiration frequently comes from social issues and a sense of place, referencing the past and the present. I come from a media background, working in advertising so text and markmaking play an integral role in my process. I dye and print my own fabric using printing and stitch as a means of surface design. Having gained a diploma in stitched textiles I am beginning to think about returning to using more handstitch in my process. Recent work has explored fake news, nature, and the plight of our rivers.

Email: wnargnguregba@zr.pbz
Instagram: @janetath