Janet Twinn


My recent work has been about landscape, the details that make up the landscape, the changing seasons, and the passage of time. In starting a new work colour is the first element that I think about. I am intrigued by its nuances, subtleties, and contrasts. The colour I use can be associated with elements of the landscape: browns and greys of wood and stone; the rusty corrugated iron of disintegrating field shelters and decaying bracken; the gold of lichen; the acid lemon of oilseed rape. There are the earth pigments: yellow and red ochre, burnt umber, raw sienna and then there are the splashes of pure colour found in flowers, colours so vivid they are almost unreal. Above all it is the regenerative power of nature which nurtures and informs my practice.

Email: wnarggjvaa@tznvy.pbz
Website: www.janettwinn.com
Instagram:  @janettwinntextiles