Susie Grace


I am a mixed media artist. My works are typically small scale, and scrutiny of 3D objects informs my 2D work. This approach is used in both aspects of my practice, which is based upon line and form.
Although geometry was not my favourite subject at school, I use it in one sphere of my work. The shapes are rational. They have formality, logic, precision and sometimes, perfection. Architecture is the inspiration behind this work.

In contrast, I am fascinated by geological forms. Unlike the rigidity of geometry, these are fluid, dynamic, energetic, and emotional. Stunning satellite imagery and personal observation of the landscape inform this part of my practice. Balance, proportion, scale, and space are my prime considerations for each piece of work. With each configuration I look beyond the boundary of the line and form, the objective being to create an illusion of the original.

Email: fhfvr.uvyytenpr@ogvagrearg.pbz